Recommendation and Predictive AI

Include Recommendation and Predictive AI in your products and services and personalize the information displayed and offered to users Recommendation and Predictive AI is a service for creating recommendations and making predictions, using general purpose technology. With a selection of prebuilt domains, as well as the ability to develop private, custom domains that can be integrated with any model, it provides real business value by allowing you to anticipate users' needs.

Recommendation AI

Custom Content Recommendations

Aimed at companies that want to offer highly personalized product recommendations at scale, Custom Content Recommendation allows you to build ad hoc product and service recommendations and parameterize your business rules. Thanks to’s multi-purpose general recommendation technology, you can build recommendations within your catalog of products and services, such as:

  • News
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Any type of Retail Products
  • And more...

Prebuilt Recommendations provides a collection of domains for common case studies, with its own data and content. This functionality allows you to incorporate recommendations from’s collection of domains and integrate them into your operational systems. Employing our domains and selected content gives you the ability to offer users taste- and location-based recommendations about:

  • News
  • Sports
  • Movies and Theatre
  • TV Programming
  • Weather
  • Entertainment
  • Restaurants

Predictive AI

Next Place Prediction

Use to predict the next position of a user, based on their daily routine. With’s context-aware location prediction technology, you can deduce points of interest (Home, Work, or different Leisure points of interest) using historical and habitual information, allowing you to make predictions based on user location.

Why Recommendation and Predictive AI?

Flexible and Adaptable Recommendation and Predictive AI allows the automation of the end-to-end process for building, deploying, and maintaining Artificial Intelligence at scale in businesses systems and devices. The ability to choose from prebuilt domains, as well as create private, custom domains, makes it easy to adapt to fit different business needs.

Unique Technology Recommendation and Predictive AI is based on hybrid models that have been developed to combine Machine Learning, Bayesian, and Computational techniques, such as Neural Networks, Random Forest, and Latent Variable Models. World-renowned market analysts, including Gartner and CB Insights, consider to be one of the leading companies in the virtual assistant and Artificial Intelligence sectors.


By working with information provided by users, Recommendation and Predictive AI becomes more precise, as more data is added. In order to give companies the ability to provide helpful recommendations and predictions, while also preserving their data and their users, allows full ownership of customer data.

Use Cases

Enhance Entertainment with Custom Content TV & Movie Recommendations

By using Custom Content Recommendations, a television service provider that offers cross-device viewing options can add value to their business through the creation of personalized recommendations for their users. If a user tends to watch the local news on weeknights, sitcoms on Friday evenings, and a mix of documentaries and international movies on the weekends, then the television service provider can use to determine what programs to suggest, based on the user profile and their viewing habits.

Use Prebuilt News Recommendations to Keep Users Up-To-Date

By using Prebuilt Recommendations, a personal computing device company with users across multiple devices and platforms can add value to their business through the creation of personalized news recommendations. If a user tends to read national and international news first thing in the morning on their smartphone, sports news on their computer at lunchtime, and cultural articles in the evening on their tablet, then the organization could use to determine what articles to suggest, based on the time of day, location, their reading habits, and the device they are using.

Anticipate Destinations with Personalized Next Place Predictions

By using Next Place Prediction technology, an automotive brand with entertainment systems installed in their vehicles can add value to their business through the creation of personalized, predictive, in-car suggestions for their users. If a user tends to travel to certain destinations at specific times, the in-car entertainment system can use that knowledge to predict the destination and directions. For example, if a user who lives in Sunnyvale, CA tends to go to the gym on Tuesdays when it is rainy, then upon starting their car around 6 PM on a rainy Tuesday, the car could display a predictive suggestion for the gym.

Personalized Fashion in Real Time

By using Custom Content Recommendations, a clothing retailer can personalize item suggestions for their users, and even help them craft an outfit, based on products they have previously interacted with by purchasing, viewing, clicking, sharing, adding them to their shopping bag or wish list, etc. Plus, if a client adds a blazer to their shopping bag, the retailer can employ cross-selling and offer complementary products.

Capture Students’ Attention with Personalized Courses

By using Custom Content Recommendations, an online course platform can adapt each student’s learning experience, based on their needs and interests. If a student completes or is searching for a course on a certain subject, the e-learning provider can use to recommend other courses that may interest them.

Offer Personalized Getaways

By using Custom Content Recommendations, a travel reservation website can suggest transportation, accommodation, and personalized activities to their clients, in order to give them the best experience possible, based on previous behavior or that of similar users. If a user is exploring places to stay in a certain region and has looked at hiking experiences, the travel reservation website can use to recommend accommodation near activities that they are sure to enjoy.

Predictive Maintenance

By using Predictive AI, manufacturers can ensure that maintenance is under control by predicting when each machine needs to be inspected and maintained, based on workload and time in use. Preventing production issues by alerting plant managers ahead of time means less downtime and a tighter production schedule.

Predict the Perfect Getaway

By implementing Predictive AI in their website, a hotel booking site can predict which options work best for the client, based on what lodging they have already clicked on and predicting their next click. Predicting the right getaway gives users a more streamlined, stress-free experience when booking a trip.