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“Our goal is to improve your company's results through AI, increase customer satisfaction, sales, and cost efficiency under the most advanced privacy-preserving platform.”

I visited the company headquarters in Bilbao and I was impressed with their Artificial Intelligence technology. Among the Digital Assistant companies that I have seen, I am most excited by the product and team, that’s why I decided to join them.


Strategic Advisor in AI at

Co-founder and former CTO of Siri
Former Head of Siri Advanced Development Group at Apple

Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria & Tom Gruber

Artificial intelligence is at the base of the development of increasingly personalized products and services and appropriate to the individual experience of the readers. And this is a trend that will increase in the coming years.


CEO of PRISA Noticias

Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria & Tom Gruber offers advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology to empower your organization, improve efficiency and automation, optimize costs, and boost customer satisfaction through better decision-making.

Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria’s mission is to augment and accelerate human potential to help address the challenges that humanity and our planet face, through the application of AI.

Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria

Founder and CEO of

Use Cases


Improve Diagnostics and Care Using Secure and Private Patient Data

Sensitive data from the healthcare industry is subject to strict data protection regulations. In order to learn from healthcare information and share patient data securely, Federated Learning can be employed so that medical institutions can ensure data privacy, while providing patients with the most advanced processes, diagnostic tools, and care possible.


Improve Users’ Experience with Personalized TV Content Recommendations

Using Recommendation and Predictive AI, any television service provider or OEM can add value to their business by generating personalized content recommendations for their users.


Keep Funds Secure Without Sharing Customer Data

Banks and financial institutions can use Federated Learning to identify money laundering transactions by using private transaction data to build more capable models. All banks using the same system benefit from each other’s transaction data, without exposing their own raw data or customers’ data to competitors.


Integrate a Personalized Digital Assistant that is Adapted to Your Company

Give your users the ability to interact with a smart assistant, in order to resolve incidents or interact with your company’s products or services and carry out a variety of tasks and actions. Users can interact with the smart assistant verbally and visually, in a very natural way.


Predict the Needs of Hospitals and Health Services’s technology has been key in containing the COVID-19 epidemic and avoiding the collapse of ICUs, making it one of the most successful cases. To do so, developed a platform for the Basque Health Service – Osakidetza, which, among other things, is able to predict the future needs of Intensive Care Units (ICUs).


Integrate a Smart Voice Assistant Into Vehicles

Add conversational intelligence to your vehicle and improve user experience by building a conversational car interface that can answer questions quickly and can carry out actions such as turning up the music, turning down the heat, and even turning on the headlights.


Anticipate Destinations with Personalized Next Place Predictions

Automotive brands with entertainment systems installed in their vehicles can add value to their business, by creating personalized, predictive, in-car suggestions for their users. If a user tends to travel to certain destinations at speci?c times, the in-car entertainment system can use that knowledge to predict the destination and directions.


Keep Users Up-To-Date with News Recommendations

Using Recommendation and Predictive AI, written communication media and blogs with users across multiple platforms are adding value to their business by personalizing content, news, and newsletters.’s algorithms analyze the behavior and history of each user to generate personalized content and unique experiences for each user or reader that increase their satisfaction and reading rates.


Advance Research Using a Private Framework

Universities and research institutions can use Federated Learning to anonymously combine their efforts, advance their research, and amplify their findings, while ensuring their data remains private.

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CB Insights Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2020


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CB Insights Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2020


Finalist 2021

CB Insights Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2020

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Sherpa Keynote 2020

Sherpa Keynote 2020 was streamed on July 29, from an empty auditorium, and included Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria, founder and CEO of, John Sculley (ex-CEO of Apple and Pepsi), Joanna Hoffman (ex-Marketing Director of Apple and considered Steve Jobs’ right-hand person, currently Senior Advisor in Business Development and Marketing at, Tom Gruber (creator of Siri and member of the team), and Celestino García (VP of Business Development at

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