The first SaaS platform data collaborations without sharing data. Build and train models with sensitive data from business units, customers or partners without sharing any data, preserving privacy and being compliant with regulation.

Global organizations already trust

Maximize the value of data & AI

Improve results

Develop better models by collaborating with other parts of your organization or third parties

Preserve Privacy

No data is shared or exposed (always remains at the custodian environment).

Regulatory Compliance

Avoid compliance roadblocks, ensuring compliance with existing and emerging regulations.

“The application of Artificial Intelligence through´s Privacy-Preserving platform will allow the prediction algorithm to improve the diagnosis without the need to share any patient data. This platform may enable testing of diagnosis and therapeutics for a group of diseases that are currently without specific treatment options.”

Thomas Kalil

Former Deputy Director, Office in Science and Technology Policy, The White House

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Better accuracy

Data collaborations without sharing data

Improve AI models with data owned by different parties, without sharing any data. 

Enterprise grade privacy-compliant solution to foster data & AI collaborations while maintaining privacy.

From accelerating clinical trials to fighting financial crime. Federated Learning platform allows to unlock the power of data and collaboration, in a privacy-preserving and compliant way.

The best way to protect data is to not share it

With FL platform, data never leaves the custodian firewall, models are trained locally and learnings from different parties are shared and combined into the global model.

Other solutions like Secure Multiparty Computation, Synthetic Data Generation or Homomorphic Encryption expose data as sharing is required. incorporates these technologies, but always on top of Federated Learning to guarantee highest security standards. With

  • Remove all data transfers
  • Ensure regulatory compliance (ISO 27011 and HIPAA certification)
  • Plug and play deployment, see results in days

Discover how can help your organization

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Optimize patient care, accelerate research, and forecast operational needs.

Financial Services

Detect fraud earlier, mitigate risk, and drive customer loyalty.

Industry 4.0

Streamline operations, optimize supply chains, and predict part failures.


Breach detection, anomalies detection, fraud detection

Internal Data Collaborations

Connect data silos within the organization

Generative AI

Pre-train and fine-tune LLMs without compromising data or the model

Download the IDC Report on Federated Learning

“ has emerged with a leading unique approach to Federated Learning which can overcome privacy and regulatory limitations to unlock new scenarios for collaboration between organizations that can lead to solving complex challenges with very impactful results.”

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