The best way to protect your data is to not share it.

Privacy and security are at the core of solution. integrates Privacy Enhancing Technologies to guarantee that data is never compromised. 

Our solution has been designed to meet all regulatory and compliance requirements.

Privacy and security are at the core our solution

  • Data always remains behind the custudian firewall and never leaves
  • Custodians are provided with all necessary tools to ensure control of data
  • Full audit trail for compliance and transparency
  • All communications are fully encrypted (SHA-256) – sees no raw data
  • No need for additional infrastructure. integrates with your MLOps system
  • Certifiably secure: ISO27001, HIPAA, Cyber Essentials+ and more

Two-layer Privacy and Security System’s platform has revolutionary potential for heavily regulated sectors like Healthcare or Financial Services. By adding complementary technologies to ensure privacy is maintained, unlocks new scenarios of development and collaboration. has developed a two-layer privacy and security system:

  • Federated Learning – Data is never shared, always remains behind the custodian firewall
  • Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs) integrated – Differential Privacy at all levels, from data, parameter, and aggregator, Secure Multi-party Computation, Homomorphic Encryption, Zero Knowledge Trust among others.

The combination of these principles create a two-layer privacy and security system as data is never shared but also parameter updates are protected. 

Regulatory Compliance’s Federated Learning approach allows organizations to realise the full potential of data collaboration without exposing it.

With’s plataform, all computations and model training occur in the data owner’s environment. This massively reduces the risk of data breaches as well as the compliance burden. Data is never shared, therefore compliance with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA HITECH or CCPA is ensured.

This innovative approach unlocks the potential of data that is currently being underutilised due to existing regulation limiting data sharing but opens up new ways of collaboration between organizations with common problems that don’t currently share data for competitive reasons.

Privacy & Data Protection

Data privacy is a fundamental ethical value at

Our platform complies with all current regulations on Data Protection (GDPR) and is in line with the European Commission regulatory framework proposal on Artificial Intelligence.


Information security is a top priority at

We have a commitment to identify risks, assess the implications, and put into place controls to limit damage to the organization and to our customers. Therefore we are certified in the ISO-27.001 data security standard.

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