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The use of third-party Telco data improved Bank’s defaulter’s prediction model accuracy by 9% (€100M+ potential savings per year). allows Financial Institutions to improve fraud detection, credit risk assessments or generate new revenue streams. enables data collaborations with third-parties while preserving privacy as not data is shared. 

“The application of Artificial Intelligence through´s Privacy-Preserving platform will allow the prediction algorithm to improve the diagnosis without the need to share any patient data. This platform may enable testing of diagnosis and therapeutics for a group of diseases that are currently without specific treatment options.”

Juan María Nin

Former CEO of La Caixa and Banco Sabadell

Former General Manager of Banco Santander

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Improvement in the defaulter's predictive algorithm accuracy

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Potential yearly financial impact in some of Spain's largests banks

Unlocking the Power of Collaboration in Insurance Branches 

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Predicting High-Value Customer Churn

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Real-Time Fraud Detection aids in real-time detection of fraudulent transactions to prevent losses and maintain customer trust.

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